02:24 PM @ Monday - 29 August, 2011

In the course of its development, Construction Joint-Stock Company No.1 have executed a great number of high-qualified projects in various fields and scope. Many of them were awarded golden medals for their quality.

After 35 years of experience in construction, Vinaconex 1 has become a leading enterprise in Vietnam construction industry. The Company’s capacity, experience and quality are always highly appreciated by both domestic and oversea partners. 

With skilled and experienced engineers and workers who are often well-trained and equipped with new technology and management, Vinaconex 1 shall bring satisfaction to customers through best works with reasonable price and ontime completion.

Primary operations of the Company: 

  • Civil and industrial construction;
  • Construction of infrastructure, water drainage & supply system and environment;
  • Construction of transporting and harbor works;
  • Construction of irrigation and power plant;
  • Internal and external decoration;
  • Mechanism execution;
  • Industrial and construction materials production;
  • Trade in houses and buildings, real estates and equipments…